General Yo-Mini Star Review

Okay first Impersions: This yoyo looks so small yet plays like a beast. I mean it’s the most stable yoyo for it’s size.
Play ability well the only dislike about this yoyo is the bearing and when you get it, it takes so long to break in. It took a week to break mine in and before it’s broken in it plays sorta snaggy. But after that plays amazing with long stable spin times I can pull of all my long tricks. To me I would go this yoyo over the hatrick for a couple of reasons.

  1. Its just smaller and good for getting through small spaces in tricks.
  2. I love taking my yoyos everywhere but there to big to fit in my pants pocket this one does.
  3. This is a unique shape completly different then the round hatricks.(the mini star is not and angular yoyo, but its not a round shape either more of a mix between the 2 but with no sharp edges.

So now the judgings from 1-10 (10 being the best)
First impersions-9 I love the size but the shape looks wierd to start out
Shape-10 its a new shape I haven’t see before and feels amazing
play-9 It’s a little too small but is still a beast
final impersions-9.5
No grinding judging because mine is a raw mini star.

Buy this yoyo its nice!!!

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wow i never heard about it
sounds like a good yoyo
how much is it?
is it worth the price?

its not out yet its general yos new throw ernie said itd be around 80$

you really need to post pics

yes im going to soon its just today is my sisters bday so im busy

Dude, how did you get this??

There was a meet at Ernie’s house on April 25. He was selling them (Pre-productions) there, and at YoYoNation. I didn’t get to go though lol. :’(

No he probably got one off of YoYoNation. They were selling pre-productions too.

I’m getting a black/purple unegraved signed ministar.

no i got mine from the meet at ernies house

He got it at Ernie’s birthday party. Did you not see the ministar video?

Posting pictures you took of the yoyo really help solidify a review.

When you do a review I shouldn’t have to look it up to know what you’re talking about.

dude i have one im posting picks tonite ive been busy not around all this talking has been on my itouch im getting the after school today.


Hey buddhafusion can i post pics of mine too. PLZ :slight_smile:

Mini Star compared in size to the well known Hatrick! :wink:

wow big difference

not impressed jk but i dont want one

oh you guys are right i dont got a mini star…
jk all you mean ppl out there wish i could nvm here they are