General Yo Mini Star - Looking for the PROS & CONS.

Hey guys,

I’m considering purchasing a General Yo Mini Star from an individual. I really like the black and purple colorway and I’ve been looking for something a little bit smaller than my OD 54 to keep in my pocket so it seems like a win/win for me.

Someone mentioned to me that its a bit of a challenge to throw it straight and can be a little bit vibey except on a perfect throw. I can accept all of that but I was wondering if anyone else had any other input regarding the pros and cons of the Mini Star.

Anything you might have to say would be appreciated…positive, neutral or negative!

I haven’t tried a Mini Star… what I can tell you from my experience in general is this… any yoyo can be as fun as you make it. Personally, I wouldn’t want a Mini Star, because looking at the size/shape combination, it just isn’t my cup of tea. However, General-Yo is famous for making high-quality stuff, so I wouldn’t be afraid to pick one up if it looks good to you.

Just don’t expect it to be the most stable or longest-spinning yoyo ever. However, you can always find a competition-level yoyo, and they are a dime a dozen. The more unique yoyos out there, like the Mini Star, can be exceptionally fun and enjoyable to play with.

So don’t worry about the down-sides. As long as it looks good to you, and you are aware that it isn’t meant to play at the level a competitor needs, then you should like it. Hope this helps.

I am finding that, in general, any high-end (expensive) yoyo will play at least satisfactorily. So go for it. If you regret it, maybe you can pass it onto someone else who wants it more.

I have a few mini stars in my collection and I feel hands down it is the best pocket throw out there. A smaller throw does take some getting use to, I had a tendency to over throw it causing the vibe most are talking about. Being smaller I feel you have to be more concious of technique. I am sure there are a lot of opinions out there but I got the hang of the smaller size after a few minutes of play. I am a huge general yo fan and collector and it is an awesome throw!

a long time ago i purchased a ministar, and it was my first mini yoyo, so i kinda expected it to play as good as my Punchline and hatrick that i had at the time, and it did. I late learned that mini yoyo’s don’t always play that good, and i was amazed at how good the ministar was. I think it is the best performance mini yoyo there is, better than the campfire!

I have 4 MiniStars. They all play fantastically amazing. For how small they are, they are REALLY good. It’s an adjustment from playing full sized throws but you’ll get used to it, it’s pretty fun. Also, I don’t own any MiniStars that have vibe. Go for it if it’s cheap enough.

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I agree they play great. If you can keep the 54 stable on a throw then you will be fine with the mini star. I love small yoyos and the mini star is among the best!!

Okay I went ahead and bought it!

Glad to finally have a Gen Yo in my line up!!

Thanks for all the feedback! :smiley: