Ministar review

So here is my first review. i feel like i should post my experience trying yoyos so here they are:
fast 201
flying squirrel

wow i made it shaped like that by accident, lol

ok so onto the review.

Diameter: 48.36 mm / 1.90 inches
Width: 36.10 mm / 1.42 inches
Gap Width: 4.15 mm / 0.16 inches
Response System: General Yo Smooth Hat Pad
Weight: 62 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
gotten from yoyoexpert*

this is the 6th release from generalyo’s lineup, following the torrent, 5star, hatrick, colabricron, and the magnum. i wanted this yoyo for months and i went to blc and got one. i only had $60 and the A grades were being sold for $90, so i got a B+ grade. i wanted red and black, which Ernie told me he would have to take 2 yoyos and take them apart and mix the halves, which could cause vibe. the first one vibed a little, but the second combo lit up Ernie’s eyes and he handed it to me saying it had no vibe, better than a B+ grade, but he sold it to me for $60.

Look and feel:
my first thought was “woah, small.” this yoyo is way smaller than my 888x, which until now was my smallest yoyo. it is, well, mini. no smaller than a dingo though. its design is based on the 5star, my previous favorite yoyo. the color is nice and full and the beadblast is just perfect. i kinda feel that the engraving could have been more exciting, but then again, generalyo is usually simple. in the hands it feels mini, but it feels like it packs a punch for its size. all in all, it is perfect for my preferences.

First throw:
my first throw felt a little heavier than i expected. just because it is small doesn’t mean it is light. at first, i had some trouble catching it on the string, and because i was at a contest the day i got it, i didn’t get to really use it much.

In depth:
the next day i really started using it and i got used to its size quickly. grinds are smooth on the finger, but the palmgrinds are not as good as the hatrick. they are still great. just a hatrick is better for palmgrinds. the irg was a little dissapointing, because it was hard to catch, but when i finally nailed one, it stayed on my thumb for a while. by no means is the yoyo fast, but by no means is it dragging behind. the hatrick is still faster on the string, but i kinda like the layed back pace of the ministar.

other thoughts:
after using it exclusively for a full week, i noticed that all my other yoyos seem like giants. every time i use another yoyo, i have to get used to that, and then when ever i go back to the ministar, i have to get used to it again. this should only take a min though, and it cant be helped for its size. also i noticed that it dings a lot easier than some other yoyos i have. i dont know why that is, but after a few months of my hatrick, i have one ding, and on my ministar, i have a few more. this would be fine because i may have been yoyoing at school more with the hatrick with a rug and little outdoorsyness. but on the other hand, my school is a modified parkinglot and apartment buildings so i go outside and yoyo a lot. the other day, i dropped my ministar doing 5a on lanoliem (sp) which is hard, but very smooth and i have done it hundreds of times with my hatrick. it didn’t go through the anno, but it left a few flat spots. also, i recently hit my ministar on a door frame. i got a mark on it and i just tried to rub it off like how i did hunreds of times with my hatrick on the same door (i have a small room). they didn’t come out. when the ministar is spinning, it looks sick with the new white stripe, but when it isn’t, there is just 3 white spots randomly on it. it all plays fine though.

final thoughts:
get it. it is a generalyo. it is really mini, but if you can get past that, it is a real player.

so tell me how the review was. i will add pictures.

That’s a pretty good first review. It would help if you spaced it out a little, because it looks kind of intimidating, lol.

:’( why would you hurt your ministar so much? what did it do to you? :’(

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that thanks was an accident, but i guess thankyou.

and that thing is suicidal. seriously, i am good at that trick. also i will space it out

In terms of speed and stability, how does it compare to a Hatrick, Ive heard the ministar is slower. My Hatrick tends to have some problems with stability when Im playing sloppy, do you have an easier time keeping the yoyo straight with a ministar?

well it does play slower, but the hatrick plays fast. the ministar plays fast enough if you push it.

also if you mean tilting, it tilts a little less. but then again, neither of mine tilt much.

really nice review