Shout outs to vegabomb and the general + mail day

I made a thread a little over a week ago about getting back into throwing after a 15-year absence. In the thread I asked opinions on what yoyos to start with, since, obviously, things have changed since the last time I bought one.

I got a great bunch of suggestions, which I’m wholeheartedly thankful for. But two community members surprised me greatly: vegabomb and the general.

vegabomb was kind enough to send me four different yoyos to try out, so I can get a feel of what’s what these days and to see what I’m comfortable with. They were: Duncan Freakhand, Duncan Pro Z, YYJ Classic and a YYF NorthStar. I definitely found the Classic and NorthStar to be the most comfortable of the four, and I found myself playing with the Classic the most. To those who recommended I get one as a good beginner throw — you were right.

the general was also kind enough to straight up give me a General Yo KLR, which is one heck of a throw. I’m still getting the hang of it, as it’s the first metal yoyo I’ve ever used, but so far so good. It’s a lot lighter than I anticipated a metal yoyo to be, and it’ll be a great comparison tool in terms of dimensions for when I buy more metal throws.

So, a huge thank to both of these members for being incredible examples of the kind of community this is in terms of encouragement, trust and kindness. It’s definitely appreciated.

And also thanks to both members because it helped me decide witch throws to buy. So far I’m sticking to plastics and I ordered a Classic, a YYF One and YYF Paul Han ONEstar. I also bought slim, normal and fat Kitty String strings, YYE polyester strings, a YYF multitool, long spin YYF lube and loop/response YYF lube.

Time to go practice! But pictures below, even though ya’ll know what these throws look like already.

From vegabomb:

From the general:

Today’s package from YYE:


Wow how nice of them! Both stand up guys…but a KLR for free…thats amazing

Ernie is a stand up guy! He is the owner of General-yo :slight_smile: AKA the general.

Wow, what great dudes!

You got some really good throws now! :smiley:

Both are great guys who promote yoyoing.

I just met Ernie today at Cal States. He’s a really nice guy. I bought a bad-a$$ Model 10 from him. I really like meeting the artists behind the art. He’s a normal, stand-up guy who’s easy to talk to. I’m not even surprised that he would be so giving.

Yeah, Ernie is a super nice guy. His encouragement through emails we’ve exchanged is fantastic. The positivity of this place makes me want to yoyo more than I have time to, haha.

I hope some day I can meet Mr. Kaiser. Always been such a stand up guy.

Love you General Yo!

Oh yeah, Vegabomb is pretty clutch too ;]

Same here. I am 3/4’s of the way across the country. I would still like to make it out to California sometime though!

I would love to go to cal states one day, and meet Ernie there. With you though, I think i am 15 minutes from you or so so I would also have alot of trveling. Being 13 I dont think I could ever afford tickets without getting a job. Because of laws, I have to wait until im 16 which really stinks. Hopefully I can get my mom to take me if I pay for my own plane ticket and skip all the contests this summmer and only go to cal states next year.

I hear you man. I am pretty close to you. I work in Middlebury.

Yeah thats like 15 mins from dunlap where I live. Trying to talk my mom into it now.

Ernie visits MI once every year if MI is closer.

Really!? What part? And what time? I live 25 min nutues from michigan state line, and have a lake cabin there.

He comes to the Oakland/Macomb county area. He stops by my bar in Rochester every year when he visits. Would love to arrange to have some people that throw come to meet him when he stops by.

@Skatalite - glad you’re liking the stuff. :slight_smile:

Yah I am like 10 minutes from Michigans state line. I am guessing it is to go up to Vega’s restaurant?

ETA: Vega I would love to be able to come up there and meet some people.

What is vega’s resaurant called, and if that is why I would love to go there too

Yeah he goes to vegabombs restaurant, but if you wanna meet more throwers than you could go to the Plymouth Yoyo Club meet that Ernie goes to. You should email Ernie asking when he’s gonna come this year so you can plan ahead

In going to Michigan soon.

Alright I emailed him. ANy idea if he sells things there?