Super G vs Genesis vs Chaotic vs G-Funk

For starters, I’m well aware that these throws vary pretty vastly from one another, but that’s not an issue. I’m simply looking to get a metal from YYF. I don’t own any of their metal throws yet and i was looking to give them a shot. I do own a OD Burnside and a C3 DiBase, so it wont be my first metal, just my first from YYF.

From what I’ve tried I do take a liking to smaller throws, so I know the Chaotic and the G-Funk would fit my “preferences” well, but I do love my Burnside and I can enjoy any size throw. My first reaction was to buy a Genesis because I know its tried and true, but I don’t want it to be too similar to my Burnside. I do also like my throws to have a nice amount of float to them. I’ve played a superstar, and it played just a tiny-bit to heavy for my tastes.

Overall. ANY experiences you’ve had with these throws, I’d love to hear about. Your opinions will be sure to help me.

Thanks in advance, guys.