Super G heavy?

I was playing with my new Super G, but the string broke after 20ish minutes of throwing. This surprised me because the Shaqlerstar is heavier and I never heard it snap strings before. Is this normal for a Super G?

I have three of them and use them quite often, I have never experienced a string breaking with any of them. I would check and make sure your bearing is not flawed in any way, or if there is some roughness in the gap.

But it sure is not a normal artifact of the Super G.

Thank you

Rug a sock or jeans around the outside of the response where your sting touches the yoyo that’s what’s doing it. It’s because YYF mask that area when it’s blasted I think.

This solution will definitely work if there’s a burr somewhere in the catch-zone, which is likely the problem you’re facing.

I’ve heard of 2 other Super Gs that have had this problem, so it seems that a small number of them weren’t smoothed properly at the factory.

I’d contact YYF about this, just to let them know what’s going on. They are usually good about keeping in touch with the community and will likely be grateful for any feedback you can give.