Super G

The Yoyofactory Super G.

In the box: the YoYo and the string.

First impressions: beautiful ano job. I got the Blue with purple acid splash. It looks brilliant right away.

On a throw: Heavy. Ok when I say heavy I don’t mean trying to throw a yoyojam Fiesta XX In 1a, but I mean its heavy. It goes into chopsticks really easily. So after an hour of normal play my string I had on it snapped. I threw a kitty string on it and after 15 minutes it snapped. An hour later, I’ve gone through 8 strings. I couldn’t figure it out so I contacted the factory. I was told to rub a sock on it. It worked for about 2 hours. I rubbed jeans on it and that worked for about 8 hours. I was on vacation for the holidays so I didn’t have my box of bearings, pads, shims, and such. When I got home I immediately threw a Konkave in it because I was sick of all the string snapping. As soon as I did that, I decided to see how long I could have a string not snap. It lasted a week with about 2-3 hours of throwing. It worked well. Now with all that aside, it plays very smooth. Sleep times are amazing and with the weight, it plays very fast. It’s angular shape hurts a bit on slack binds but its very nice. By no means am I good at horizontal but I feel like it works. I can get the skin the gerbil horizontal combo thing. It has a very strong anodization. It is absolutely dead smooth, no vibe. If you like the Genesis, you’ll love the Super G. I hate comparing yoyos but compared to a supernova, in my opinion, it’s something I like better. It’s wide-ish which helps me with my slack tricks.

Bottom line: it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. For me, it’s my number one throw. I own primarily yoyofactory because they’re affordable and have good quality so I don’t really have much to base anything else on. If you like your G-Funk or your Genesis, you’ll love the super G.

Note: vibe is induced once played for about a month. When this happens, unscrew your YoYo and line up the logos while twisting back together to fix the problem :slight_smile:

Nice review! And I agree about yyf, their throws are great!^^

String snapping is a pretty serious issue. Unless you’ve somehow managed to get the worst batch of string currently available or are nicking the string while you throw, there’s a burr on the yoyo that should have been smoothed during manufacturing.

Its a real shame the yoyo received damage due to the issue and that you broke so many strings trying to deal with it.

. It was a simple issue. Ben was willing to
Replace it but I felt like I should work it out on my own. Jeans and socks fix the problem. Anti-yo had a similar problem. Some throws thrive with some maintenance.

I think Ann Connolly did a pretty good review of this throw… without even saying a word :wink:

I will second this any day of the week.

Gonna buy this yoyo and try the same pose.

Thanks but no thanks Tuxedodave

Same outfit too plz?

MMmmmmmmmmmm… I could say something, but ill keep it PG.