Super Carioco


Does anyone know the name of this trick in english or if there is one? Also it would be nice if somebody could reply with a tutorial in english. (i dont speak spanish)


Well I can’t understand much, but atras is inside and delante is outside and you dont really need to know much more than that because you can understand what is going on from the video part of it.


I know but it helps having tips on what hes doing. Im more of a visual learner but advice helps a lot.

(Jei Cheetah) #4

Seems like an original trick to me, or at least his own combo.

I know that Augie does a trick that is somewhat like that.
And there also seems to be the trick knows as “letter A” in there as well.



Thanks im loving this trick but its so hard to spin the yoyo like that with out it turning or hitting me. But as i practice it gets less hard so i think ill have it in a week.


Can you do revolutions? This seems like it is a very very similar motion, just that the spin is going the other direction.


Ya i can but with this trick i hit the string its harder to miss the string that you normally hit in revolutions.