Help with McBride Rollercoaster please!

OK, I’m to the part where you fling it to your left twice after dismounting the D or N. But I can’t land it on the right strings- 50% of the time I miss it, 25% of the time I don’t land it on the right strings, and 25% of the time it just spins out on me. Tips anyone? Thanks

the yoyo stays on the same string you just roll it over twice it never leaves the string

you just rooooolllllllllll!!! lol
:o ::slight_smile: :o

It doesn’t matter if you are landing on two strings, or one string. They are both acceptable.

like they all said.
but what helped me was watching how andre does it in the tutorial.
if you watch he kinds of gives it slack and then before it hits he pulls his hands apart.
i am not sure why, but doing it as he does helped me out

sometimes when i land it on two strings it doesnt catch the yoyo and just drops it

try swinging it over but straighter

pollo dude that was like forever ago i dont even do the trick anymore i mastered it

Forever…? He replied within the same hour. Definitely not forever. He was just trying to help, anyways.

Edit: Okay, now I think I get what you’re saying, but in your post you made it sound very much like you’re still working on the trick. At least to me, and apparently pollo.