Magic Drop

It seems no matter what I do when I swing the yoyo around it lands on both strings instead of just the back one. Anyone else have this problem? Or anyone have any tips?


samad has a good video but try and spread your thumb and index finger apart then swing it toward the back

Make sure not to move your throwhand and try leaning your throwhand forward a bit.

Yes Samads videos are always good… But the shorter the distance between the yoyo and the non throw pointer finger in a double or nothing, or any style trapeze mount, the better because in the videos that Andre has created he will try to tell you the same thing, the shorter the better. It actually leaves the yoyo less room for a miss-mount or mistake. So I may be the only person here that will tell you to watch Andres videos before you watch anyone elses… No offense Samad I happen to be one of the people who admire you.

I am also trying to learn this trick. I managed to get it right like one time but it seems like the strings are too close together and my yoyo always lands on both strings. I can feel the string dropping off my throwhand but it never seems to land on the back string. I greatly appreciate the additional video Samad! It’s nice to get other perspectives on how this trick (move) is performed.