double or nothing trouble

i always land it on multiple strings. ugh help?

when you swing the yoyo around, try to keep the string more spaced out on your fingers

so like on my left the first time around i put it closest to my knuckle.

then should i put the next on like the middle?

then on the mount it should be closest to my nail?

Yes, that sounds about right.

Also go slow don’t rush and swing the yoyo around really fast

Just swing the yoyo around your two fingers, and then think to yourself that all you have to do now is land the yoyo on Trapeze.


Make sure your strings are almost in a zig-zag pattern. There will be more space in between the strings and less chance for the yo-yo to land on multiple strings.

Practice the last part as x52 described in getting the final trapeze in. When you try to do the whole trick in a fluid motion all that practice with the final trapeze will come in handy in having a consistent double-or-nothing.

You could also do a trapeze, pinch the loop and swing it over


Trapeze to Double or Nothing

This can give you a feel for the final outcome.

But it’s more impressive done from scratch.