Super Carioco Help

Ok i posted this trick before but now i need some help and tips on this one part were he goes into houdini mount and starts the second set of spins at around 8:30

First of all, congratulations on getting the rest of the trick.

From the houdini mount, keep your nonthrowhand there and move your throwhand so that they are pointing at each other bring the yoyo towards your right side first and flip it around. Then it looks like he spins inside his arms first. It looks like when he does it full speed he does it double on in the houdini mount and then pops right out of it (probably to make it look smoother).

The trick from the houdini mount is actually a variation of the trick Letter A (Which is the same but with a double or nothing).

You are basically swinging the yoyo forward like a front summersault and after one rep, turning a bit and swinging the yoyo between your arms in the othe direction, but keeping the yoyo spinning in one movement from the first summersault.

keep practicing!

The fact that you got so far is incredible already.
Its not an easy trick to learn.

Good luck!


Thanks guys ive been practicing it all summer plus its amazing i just started yoyoing

You started like 3 months ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rofl. Nice one Samad.

Ya Samad i practically just started

Thats like saying “My baby is 3 months old and I just gave birth to him/her”

well ya 3 months are nothing 1 year is barely anything

dude, 1 year is a long time, I mean no one would want to be stuck in a cell full of spiders and tarantulas for 1 year.

Dude this is the trick that inspired my newest work, Ryan On Fire.

Whatever i guess its all just opinion

And whats Ryan On Fire Joe?

My new trick. It’s in my next video. It’ll be in the video section in a few minutes.

Sweet im sure itll be great, as all your videos are.