Houdini mount tricks

I’ve been messing Round with the Houdini mount a lot lately and so far I can do Asian pops with a few variations, gondola, gyro flop, and a trick of my own I’ve been working on. What other tricks can you guys do from this mount?

pretty much anything, and whut is a good example, but you could even pop off, thumb trapeze, to whatever!

sup man, i live in VA too
Ive found a way to make a heart picture trick, I also found a way to make a tower.
you can do a trick called red clover, yoyoskills does a tutorial on it i think (youtube)

anything can come of the houdini mount.

to make the tower (ill try to explain this the best i can)
go into houdini
pinch the string on your throwhand index with your throw hand thumb (just like gondola)
throw the slack onto your nonthrow hand index (just like gonola)
hop the yoyo from the front, over the strings coming from your index fingers, and land on the very back string.
curl in your non throwhand index, there should be two strings in this finger, when you curl make sure the string farthest away from you comes with your finger, use your non throwhand thumb to help if you need to.

you should be able to see the tower forming, curl you throwhand index in too (dont take any strings) by pointing at yourself with your throwhand index, then point back out and you have a tower!

to dismount just throw the yoyo to your left and let all the strings drop. when this happens to gett a fake knot, but the force of gravity should pull the knot out. hope this helps

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Thanks man. I’m gonna try and look these up. Believe it or not, I never took the time to learn tower lol. Where in VA are you? I’m in Portsmouth if you know where that is.

i got my dog at the portsmouth spca haha.

i used to live in yorktown but i just moved to richmond

Haha, I’d like to get everyone in the area to meet up sometime soon. I have heard there’s a few people in VA beach and a few more near you. You know any other throwers around here? How old are you? I’m 21

i know of two other richmond throwers on this website. I’m 15 haha.

But according to the player map theres a guy north of richmond and several in northern VA. other than that idk.
virginia has a yoyo contest every january (maybe its Feb I dont remember). Have you been to that? apparntly theres a bunch of VA throwers there, here’s the link incase you havn’t seen it yet.


Again, anything.

I looked it up and it’s in January. I’ve never been but I’ll have to go this year. You going?

Personal favorites?

I’ll probably be there if it fits into my scedule. Idk if i’ll compete though

Oh I remember. This tricks starts with a Houdini Variation. Dam-so-Faas. This trick is so sick.

Any more Houdini mount tricks??? I came up with one I’m calling s’mores. It starts with the mount then an asian pop, to asian pop to the inner most string, then popping the yoyo up into the middle string, releasing the freehand index finger making a coathanger looking gt. ( hence the name s’mores!) I’ll post a video as soon as I find the means.