what are some tricks of the Houdini mount?


The only trick I know on the Houdini mount is the gondola. What are some others? What are the easiest and hardest? Thanks!


Candy slack: here is a video


Asian Pops


Gyroscopic flop, there’s one from plastic whip but there’s another one from Houdini mount


There is also kamikaze it’s a really fun trick.


You can easily transition into a mach whip. You can also get into the formation you get when you underpass a green triangle (not sure the name of it) by going onto the back string, dropping your thumb, and rolling the yoyo over your throw hand. There’s a ton of tech things you an get into too if you really try and figure them out.


Yellow airplane and switchblade.


That trick looks awesome, Ill be tryingto learn thatthis week :smiley:


Kamikaze, but that’s already been said, and no one mentioned Canadian Bacon.


Underwater basket weaving is done from the Houdini mount as well as Plan D


Whut now, I think. That’s what I start it from.


You can easily get into the first and second portions of Rancid Milk from a Houdini Mount, as well.


Reverse Asian pops
When you do it in a under mount.


And Whut starts in a Houdini Mount.