Possibly a new slack?

Ok I was goofing around with the Houdini Mount and found that if you pinch the string that is running from your thumb and pointer and throw the yo up behind your hand like a suicide you can then use that slack to whip onto the yoyo. For me its the Toughest slack I have tried. Give it a try and if you cant get it I will try to do tut.

dang i think i know what u mean thats hard could u make a tut that would be awsome

I will try I am still practiing it.

hey, i have been wanting to know for a long time what a Houdini mount looks like.

If you could, maybe you could post a video with instructions???


Check video one

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If I am not mistaken, Houdini mount is a Double-or-nothing but the first time it passes on your non-throw hand it goes on the thumb and not on the index finger.

It’s called Houdini because if you let go the string on the thumb and on the index of the throwing hand you get a trapeze again.