keep getting a weird mount when i try to do magic drop

i can’t make a video, so i took a picture

WHy does this happen?

you need to land on the front string and make sure you swing the loop not just the string attached to the yoyo.

Edit. back string. But don’t let go of any string or let them fall.

What Mage said…

But is that a Houdini Mount thingy?

Yeah it looks like it is.

I think it’s the mount Gary does at 0:12:

I just thought of how you’re getting that. It looks like what you’re doing is landing the yoyo into the string on the L on your finger. Try turning your hand so that the bottom of the L is parallel to your body. This should help the string reject off of the yoyo instead of staying with it.

yep! thats exacly what i was doing! i figured it out like an hour ago! and yes! it was the mount gm user posted! whats the name to that btw? i didn’t think you could trick out of it because i kept ending up in a knot when i tried to dismount it! ;D you guys are like super detectives! its really suprising how you guys found that out so fast! :o

That’s what we are here for.

It is the first part to Kamikaze but it is basically houdini mount and when you slack to it, it is called a houdini slack.

i thought houdini mount was when you do a double or nothing with the first string around the thumb? ???

It is.

A houdini whip is a motion done with the throwhand while in trapeze that brings the yoyo into a Mach 5 mount.