That One Trick,...

That you would like to learn so badly but there aren’t any tutorials.

Post yours here!


The one where JD binds the yoyo and lands it on his back, then he regens. I can’t seem to land it and I can’t get any pointers on it.

I have many tricks like this, not just 1! hehe.

Tatsuya Fujisaka has a bunch of tricks that I would absolutely love to learn! I don’t nesecarilly want to learn these exact tricks, just similar ones sharing the same style and elements.

Here are a few of my Favorites:

The beastly combo w/ slack elements @ 0:40 - 0:52

The speedy moves he executes @ 1:15 - 1:21

The insanity @ 2:09 - 2:16

My favorite of them all: That slacked out reverse GT @ 2:40 - 2:44

If anyone knows of tutorials for similar tricks, I would greatly appreciate it!

Gyrolutions. Can’t find a good tutorial for it. Found one but it didn’t help at all. Really wanna learn it

Modman10 is beast at doing those! You might wanna PM him, he’s pretty cool and chill, he most certainly would help you out.

I just did that. Took me ten minutes.
The easiest way is to just do a normal slack, jump, and whip in one smooth motion;
pinch off a length of string for the slack while swinging the yoyo to the right so that it can land on the pinched off section, let it hit the string and bounce it at a 30-40 degree angle (make sure you do this quickly, otherwise it will snag and smack your fingers), while it’s in the air immediately start moving your right hand over to the left, during that time your left hand should make a quick circular flick and continue to chase the yoyo at the same speed of you right hand (which should be past your shoulder), then as the yoyo is dropping, quickly pull your left hand to the right.

TBH I don’t keep track of the slack; I do the motion and just sort of happens.

aww snap

You have no idea how bad I want to learn the trick Chuck does between the :12 and :15 second mark in his cal states freestyle. Or his slack trick at the beginning of “Goldmine”. I just want his tricks!!

I’m with James. Want to learn just about every trick in that Tatsuya freestyle. That double knee jump bind at the end is a proper banger.


I was able to do it to a normal GT, but not a cross armed GT. Looks like I need to practice!

Thanks for the info man!

I’d love a tutorial on the Snap GT that came out last week from 365 yo-yo tricks. This looks super cool, and I cant get it to work for anything.

will do! Thanks!