Super Bulk Home Made Strings

I have been contemplating the idea of doing bulk runs of 100 home made strings for about $30. I know you can get YYE and every factory made poly for 10 or 12 or what ever, but this is home made lasts longer, and I can’t stand factory made anymore. If I did this would you buy it. Simple yes or no prefered however feed back will be read. Just a thought, and I will not be doing business this way yet. First I would need to bulk up on same color spools.

I would know how good that deal is seeing as how I make my own string and I’ll tell you it’s hard work but it is really worth it.If you don’t want to make your own string this looks like the best way to go. Warning once you go to homemade strings there’s no going back. At least that was the case for me…

Yeah that’s an adequate warning.

While it IS an adequate warning, once you go to steel wool homemade strings, you will probably be back. Homemade in general yes, steel wool no. Unless it’s really fine steel wool, because that would probably be fine, because a piece of it nearly feels like cotton. And you can do eli hops on a golf coarse in a thunderstorm and have a good chance of being struck by lightning.

I’ll take it!

I’m super interested, I live in Louisiana and I have a hard time finding bulk strings that will work for my humidity level (99%). I wouldn’t be super interested in say 100% poly (unless they better in humidity than highlights) but if u put something similar to chaos 422 or angelhair nylon I would snag it up with a quickness. Please be my savior and make me a 100 pack of 50% poly/ 50% nylon bright yellow and light yellow twist lol.

Funny you should mention Nylon. I have some pretty bright wooly Nylon in Yellow. It’s a little bit more money for the Nylon than the Poly, but I could whip up a bunch of those, and figure out a price that would work if your genuinely interested. I got about 100 Poly strings for two orders ahead of me right now, but I could get to it pretty soon. PM if your interested.

I’m with crosswhite, if you make a nylon string I would be interested especially since g-string quit making the NOLY

Well with the cost of Nylon I mightsta could do about 50 for 25. Just spit balling though. I might need to put a gob together to see how much I can get out of a spool.