Advantages of homemade string

I am thinking about buying some polyester thread so I can make yoyo string, but it would be easier to just buy the hundred strings for $12. Are there would be any advantages to making yoyo string myself? Other than the fact that it would be cheaper and I would have more color options.

You can make it to how thick you want it. And price. I figuered out that I could make 90 stings for $3 :o
I also like the fact that you can blend different types of thread. I made a string almost two months ago and am still using it to this day!!
Hope this helps

But it would be a lot easier to just buy some… I had to make my own because I ran out of money :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say the only advantage is the opportunity to make your own string as a hobby. If 100 strings cost you $4 instead of 10 or 12, but you have to make them, I really wouldn’t consider that “cheaper” in any practical sense.

yes, making string takes a lot of time. my brother made a machine that twists five strings at once, and it still takes ages.

I love twisting my own string as I can make ridiculously long string (for a looper), or make them thinner (especially for my Maverick and some of my Duncans due to the slimmer gaps). Best of all, I am able to get spools of poly at no charge. It’s only white but this stuff lasts! Only downer is that I haven’t made a string rig yet, have just stuck the string onto pen after making 3 or 4 wraps, and wedge the pen somewhere. For the most part I’ve hand-twisted my strings which is a pain, really should just grab a drill and eyehook.

I’m currently experimenting with some Kevlar thread I recently acquired, and mixing that in with my Poly thread.

It takes patience. Like filling out online surveys for money. But if you can stick to it, and enjoy it, then I don’t see why not do it.

positives - a sense of pride because you made your own string
you can customize the play to how you like it (with practice)
you can use whatever materials you want
any colour your want

negatives - time consuming (oh so time consuming)
takes a while to get the hang of. finding just the right amount of tension, length, etc.