String tips?

I know how to make string, I’ve made a decent amount before, but I was just wondering if anyone had any of their own little tips or tricks they have learn over their time that has either…

  1. Made the process easier
  2. Is a unique way to make it (maybe a cool way to tie knots or an interesting tool you use)

Thanks for any input! :slight_smile:

I always tie a figure 8 in my string.
No reason than to just be different.

I have a tip for you… Don’t make string…:flushed:

A few years ago I made the mistake. I decided that I was going to be the King of all Stringmakers.

I totally geared up to make tons of string. I got everything I needed and got ready to Rock.

The very next morning I got right into the middle of the string making program!

Using the fastest methods known to man at the time; 11 days later I had completed my first string!

I put the String on eBay on a 10 day auction. That resulted in 20 total bids. And the string sold for 20 cents!

My total investment in material sadly was 40 cents. And to make sure I got good first feedback; I sent the string in a flat rate box insured for value; so the shipping ended up costing me $17.25.

Evaluating my cost/revenue stream; I realized that my Business adventure was a Total failure and made the critical decision to cut my losses and fold the Business.

It was a crushing blow to humanity and me… And sent me almost to the edge of Bankruptcy court.

I did survive the ordeal and now just buy my string from YYE.

I’ll never forget those days, though.

It was the best 12 inch long yoyo string I have ever seen.

The end.

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I’m not necessarily saying I want to sell string. Just looking for cool ideas while making my own. Something that might spark a different idea for me to try or something. I find it fun making them every so often.

I think the most interesting thing about making your own string is just trying different threads. Nowadays standard poly like kitty, buddha, YYSL, etc. are the only strings that sell because they’re cheap but there’s lots of better, or at least, more interesting, options out there.

I really enjoy that too! I found this weird cotton thread that makes a really stiff string and it’s super whippy and interesting to use. Not something I plan on using much, but none the less interesting.

For the most part, every string maker have their own methods and secrets up their sleeve, and usually they don’t share it.
Try to look at the little details where you can cut a few seconds to make it. Something like the way you tie it, how you spin it, etc, improve every bit of them. I think one of the quickest improvement was to pull the strings in bulk instead of going back and forth. Like if you used 5 threads for a string, instead of using one spool of thread and going back and forth 5 times, use five spools and just do it once.
Not everyone actually saved money by buying strings actually, especially for those who is still a student. Making your own strings in this case is still worth it.

That is a smart idea! Thanks!
That could cut down on time quite a bit actually! :slight_smile:

I’ve made string before.
It’s interesting from a scientific standpoint, but it’s also totally impractical and far from cost or time effective.

The parts that I think will be the most difficult are sourcing the right thread, and consistency of product.

Also, the difference between a great string and a so-so string isn’t really that much in the grad scheme of things.