New string passion


I just watched a couple of string videos over the past week and I wanted to give it a try I’m not saying I wanna make this a side job but my first crack at it and I enjoyed it please tell me what you think any comments and ideas would be much appreciated




Good. Yeah, you don’t want to quit your day job to get into the string making business.

Most of the smaller string companies don’t tie loops in the string and make them long so you can ensure a proper length and fit.


Those colors are beautiful. What kind of thread did you use? And how many strands are there? When I started making strings they sure didn’t look that good.


Mine did :p…


Wow man, that string looks great! How did you twist it? (Drill, Dremel, By Hand??)? Also what thread did you use? If my eyes served me correctly it looks like some serger? Definitely got a future in string making man!

2 suggestions though. Don’t tie loops in the string. I understand the one was for yourself, but if you ever plan on selling string, don’t do that. I am seriously disappointed when I get string with the loops pretied, as I am kind of OCD about how big my loop is, and I like my string a certain length. Also, most people like really bright string, so if you plan on selling I’d recommend some neon thread :slight_smile:

Great to see another string maker, join in on the “String Makers Discussion” in the mod forums man!


Thank you for all the positive feed back I enjoyed it a lot and I couldn’t find any bright colors around the house to use but I’m gonna post some more tonight with what I have made since then.


Just posted some new pics again feedback is wanted


Wow, this stuff looks really cool! I would love to buy some if you decide to sell.


Actually I am sending some string out to people who have reached out to me to test it out im very worried that it just looks good but plays bad but I like to play it so I hope everything works out