Why is everyone making string?

Is it just me or does every other topic seem to be about homemade string? Did I miss something here?? ???

It is probably because string making can be profitable if you have the patience to make hundreds of strings.

A lot of these people don’t, they make a batch of skimpy string and quit. I don’t get the point of it.

Why does it matter to you?
Why need to ask why?
People make string when they want, its nothing very new. For years we have seen many people making string and selling them, some were more successful than others.

People do as they please, sometimes inspired to do so by others. Nothing more, nothing less.

I don’t see that trend. I am seeing a trend of every other thread being the same as another thread. I mean, right now the trend is on starting a new thread to ask about 2A yoyos.

Another trend I am noticing is random polls and pointless threads. Also, like you said, threads that are the exact same/have the same basic intent as another active thread. Those just really annoy me.


I’m not really seeing many threads about homemade string, but good for those people who are trying it! A batch of skimpy string is better than no string!

Homemade string is better quality than bulk strings, and you can usually make hundreds of strings for cheaper than a pack of 100.

If you consider how many throwers there are there isn’t all that many people making string.in fact it would be great to see some more people be as successful and reliable as the suppliers we have currently. Think about it, right now we have only a handful of companies that make great string and are reliable enough to get it to you with a decent turnaround. Look at what happened with chaos strings, they were doing great then slowly fell apart. People paid and never got their orders. Many of those people on ts forum, myself included, felt as though they were ripped off.

I for one welcome the addition of some new string makers as long as they produce quality string and are honest and reliable. It’s not that hard to make strong really but to keep up with demand it takes dedication.

I do it because I enjoy it, starting out with useless thread, and ending with a quaity, useable yoyo string!

I did it just to learn. I still buy my toxics but if the apocalypse happens, and the world ends, and I’m left alive, I will still be able to throw with fresh string. Hehehe ;D

Plus I think it helps fuel your passion for yoyoing. Not that I’m a professional but lets take them as an example. many pros in all fields take the time to know there equipment down to the last micron. I’ve seen guys in stores drooling over the curves of a good golf club. Or baseball players that know every layer of a ball and can feel imperfections. Were no different. I think its healthy for us to examine every aspect of a yoyo. String is just part of our equipment.

Like Jayyo said, If they want to make it they will. Nothing wrong with it. Selling it isn’t that big of a deal either.

I was just wondering why there was a spark of sudden interest. There’s nothing wrong with it, it just seems like everyone is making string now. I get what everyone is saying though, I just wasn’t sure if this was the new trend people are into nowadays.

Its never been a new trend exactly.
Look back in the archives of years ago, had tons of people making their own home-brew strings.
You probably just are noticing it now, but in reality, this is nothing new to the yoyo world.

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I think we’re noticing it more because more people are asking about it these days. Plus, it seems yoyo is on an upward trend right now and small string companies are not only popping up, but sticking around as well. Hopefully both trends continue. If the yoyo trend declines, the odds are that these small string companies will also go under. I don’t really want to see anyone go out of business.

Personally, it’s not a good utilization of my time to make my own strings. My choice.

I’m not super new to the forums but I haven’t been around all that long so that’s probably the reason I haven’t really noticed this whole string ordeal in the past.

For some, making string is very exciting. Not only do they feel they no longer need to order in quantity but they realize that, if they choose to experiment, they can tailor the string to their personal preferences. Success drives many, to sell their string to the community in hopes that the string will be well recieved by others. Although I don’t, nor have I, sold or provided string to the community I understand the pride that goes into making something then sharing with others.

It’s not as much about string as it is about sharing success. Well that’s how I’ve always looked at it.

The important thing to remember is that I’m always right unless I’m wrong. Hmmm … I guess that’s how everyone is. ;D

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