do any of u guys got modern warfare 3?

i do on steam, PC FTW!

gorillaz922 on steam lol

Raphael plays on PS3.

i don’t think mw3 is that fun. I like the mass efect three demo though. i know it is nothing like mw3 but it is fun.

Ehhhh, NO, I don’t gotz nun. Does you? :wink:

Nope. Nothing but Unreal Tournament, TF2 and Tribes: Ascend for me. Well in terms of shooters that is.

nope. i actually don’t like FPS that much.i think their WAYYY overrated… I’m more of a fan of games like Zelda.

I actually don’t like CoD or Battlefield. They suck. I love games with creativity. A few examples are Garry’s Mod, Minecraft, and Little Big Planet. They are so much fun. I also like games with nice artwork or have a nice art style like World of Goo.

I don’t like the games, but I don’t like the type people who play, even more.
There are quite a few type of people who CoD and Battlefield.
Here are a few examples:

The No life
This person takes the game WAY to seriously. They also spends way to much time playing it and will go to the extent of calling in sick to either work or school just to play.

The Troll
This person would play the game, only to irritate other players. This person loves to mess around and not actually play the game. These people don’t want to play the game seriously and want to make the most out of it by making others rage.

The Show-off
This person acts like they are the king of Norway just because they play some stupid video game. They would brag about their K/D Ratio, and their amount of time spent. This person would almost always get the Special/Limited Edition every time a new game is released.

and worst of all:

The Child
This person would be a very young child, often times with a mic. They would always be too young to play said game. They would either be using with their sibling’s console, their parent’s console, or their own. This person would scream into the microphone a lot and would talk way too much. This person would constantly swear and try to act tough so they can be accepted by their teammates, but in reality, their teammates disapprove of them more and more.

There are a lot more types of gamers, but those are the ones that I wanted to mention. There are people who play the game just for fun, it’s just that those are the ones that stood out to me.


Heard an interview with Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle on the radio last week. He said that his team played CoD on line when they were at the base camp. He related how some 12 year old kid in the US was kicking his butt and really being a bit of a dork about it. He wanted so bad to tell the kid who he really was and what he did but couldn’t due to security rules. The kid never believed him when he tried to tell him what being in combat was really like.

Nope, I play good games.

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Another thing Microsoft and Sony fan-boys think makes a game good are graphics. having good graphics doesn’t necessarily mean having realistic graphics. for example, Zelda: Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy are both extremely beautiful and awesome games, with bright colors and great textures, yet they are being bashed for having unrealistic or " kiddie" graphics. my point is is that graphics don’t make a personally not a fan of the dark, gritty graphics COD has. the Legend of Zelda games are fantastic and have a great story and awesome game play and design, yet they are not getting all the credit they deserve. the same is true with many other games that don’t have “realistic” graphics, and its really a shame.

compare this:

to this:

If console players wanted the highest fidelity in their games they wouldn’t be on consoles.


I don’t care about graphics. I play Counterstrike: Source, and TF2 mostly. If the game has good mechanics and plays well, then it is a good game.


This is what I used to play all the time. I’ll play it again if I can get a graphics card. (Onboards are almost worthless…)


pfff ever herd of a little game called tetris?

This^^^great post