Sunglasses on Stage

I used to wonder why some professional yoyoers wore sunglasses during their routines. Like, wouldn’t that hinder their ability to see the string? But now I get it…the lights are SOOO bright on the WYYC stage! I did Sports Ladder there, and the lights are blinding if you accidentally look at them. I still don’t get why you would wear sunglasses at a small contest without bright lights though…

Style points.

I’m guessing it actually helps cut down on the spotlight blindness.

I guess I could wear my Oakleys ;D

I don’t compete, but I’ll practice yo-yoing with sunglasses and my black string. It might be hard, but it would be double the cool. 8)


go away


Sounds like a fantastic idea! :wink:

You go away.


Depending on how they are tinted they could help your ability to see the string. Not every pair of sunglasses just darken the field of vision.
That being said I am sure it’s more about style then anything. lol

That was rude and unnecessary.

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I’ve performed in theatre much of my life. A lot of performers prefer not to be able to see the eyes/faces of the audience members, as it is too easy to react or be just a bit thrown off by audience reaction. For me, I loved the bright lights for just this reason. The stage lights may be already bright, but if the lights where the audience sits are not dimmed, it doesn’t help, so maybe sunglasses do.

Not being able to see your audience can help some performers stay focused.

I guess as long as you can see your yoyo…

Of course, a lot of it may just be image. In fact, that’s probably most of it!

To look ******* cool! Even though its super pointless. But honestly did you not see the lights on the competitors at worlds? They were drowning in light! I wuda taken some ray bans…

Yeah, but it was funny.

Ooooo, bad idea. Josh will now kirr you :stuck_out_tongue:

I was on that stage and the lights were HORRIBLE for performance… I have competed in 8 events and if I was to compete at Worlds those lights would have drove me crazy…

I would have no problem in that situation to wear sunglasses… I do not move around much on stage but for those who do I can imagine how hard it must have been. Another great reason for Worlds to be leaving Orlando…

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because hiriyuki .

Yup. Bright lights. It also can cut down on distraction and give a player tunnel vision, so it can help focus. It can also help avoid camera flashes and yoyo glare from being major distractions.

If you want to, do it. If not, don’t.

Now, had the lights been closer to the stage and aimed down more, it would be less blinding. All you’re doing is changing how the yoyo glare will happen. It also can cause more shadows, which can cause issues with awareness of where things are.

Bright lights may be a part. My bet is that a larger part of it is just the image. Gotta have some style up on stage. :slight_smile: