A "Still" Performance (Literally)

I am going to keep this as simple and short as possible because you guys have better things to do than to talk to me. The talent show auditions are on Thursday (3 days), which REALLY made me mad, because the last 2 years in school, the talent shows were at very end the end of the year (usually like the 2nd to last day), so this has really caught me off-guard and totally unprepared. Now the problem is when I yoyo, my yoyo tend to moves to the right side of my first starting point, and I naturally move along with it. To even prove this, I tried by starting in front of one object, and see how much I would turn, and I turned quite a bit. The reason why I am asking this question thought is because I know where I am going to be standing from my point of view during the talent show, and if my yoyo were to move to the right, then it would make 1/3 (literally around there) of the school alot harder for them to see my yoyoing, and a different 1/3 easier to see, but I want to make it even. How can I fix this? Even though auditions are in 3 days, I still have until the 26th or 27th before the actual show, so if it is my style, then I have some time to fix it. But I am wondering if it is perhaps something else that may be causing it?

The last thing that you want to do is stand in one place. Walk around, go up to people do body tricks make the yoyo look like it is going right at someone. Try to yoyo around the whole stage so everyone can see a little and it isn’t just tech.

  1. Have them turn the lights off. If it’s dark enough, everyone will see the same thing. :smiley: (just kidding)

  2. You might just plan on moving in an arc. Figure where to start and where you will end. Take advatage of it some how instead of fighting it. Maybe you have access to a few mirrors, some lasers would be cool, or black light. Fog and bubble machines are a nice touch as well. ::slight_smile:

  3. Maybe you could tell a story, while using yoyo tricks as a visual.

  4. As far as preventing the arc; practice accuracy, consistency, and moving the yoyo in the same plane. That may be a lot to fix in the short time before the talent show.

Don’t worry about it. Just make sure that when the yoyo turns, you are standing in such a position so as to make the whole crowd see it. Btw, I don’t think you need more than a day to prepare for non-yoyoers

Bind more often. Will stop yoyo from rotating and also it’s better for the audience to follow along anyway.

Walk around a bit between binds. You’ll see some of the top guys parade around the stage a bit in between tricks sometimes while gesturing for the crowd to make a bit of noise. Adds to the performance aspect, gets the audience involved, and gives them a bit of time to catch their breath.


Awesome! Yeah, I am moving around alot. Also, it is just something that I cannot fight. If I try to move my yoyo back to the regular position, it will only move the string to the front, and my yoyo will stay still. And I will totally walk around when binding, thanks for that tip.

Yeah, that is something that I think I am going to have an issue with, which is part of the reason why I am asking this question.

Heh heh, that was funny. Thanks guys!

I think you misunderstood me, I was saying that you should start in a position that ends you in a position that is facing the audience.

Glue your feet in place ;D

But then until I get to the other side, then I would be blocking a different 1/3 off.

Hehe funny. Except if we are being serious, I think my body would just turn to the right.