Summit discussion thread

This is a thread to discuss the Summit. I’ll start…
Is it just me or would anyone buy a summit like the one from the documentary that had the body soda blasted and the inner cup nickel with blue side effects? I really like the way it looks, I would totally buy one like that.

CLYW=great company, onedrop=amazing company, so CLYW+onedrop=a great yoyo

That inner cup that you think is nickel is actually just raw aluminum. And soda blasting by itself is really just a temporary finish because it wears off over time.

Easy. Clear ano over top of the whole thing.

Now I have a new question.
Can this be an actual color way that could be sold from stores like yoyoexpert? I really want one just like it now. Is there any way that someone can make this happen?

lol the Summit prices, didn’t realize they were charging $140+ for splashes on these things. Lettuce be honest this is just a One Drop yoyo that has CLYW’s name on it and that their players had marginal input on. Splashed Chik for $108 is a much more compelling yoyo and i see no reason to buy a Summit these days when the competition is so amazing for so much less. CLYW’s biggest problem is that they price high to profit off of the hype, which they easily do, but then after that first or second production run their throws just languish in the shops and they end up in this never-ending cycle of boom and bust which leads them to making more and more yoyos and i guess now their approach is to make revision 2s of a lot of their throws so i guess we’ll see how that goes. High prices + high volume = not a sustainable business model.


Nathan I get what you’re saying, but how many Draupnirs have you bought in the past two months? :stuck_out_tongue:

OP, you could get a solid color summit and send it to someone like Mullicabob who could then strip it raw and then blast it. You’d essentially have the same thing. Especially since I believe Chris and David and Shawn nailed the design on their first try.

I love Summits. They’re basically a doper Avalanche with Side Effects.

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Well moving on from anodizing…
What kind of names would you have come up with if you were making the summit?

Carabu droppings

I’m not sure where or how this thread is going or how it’s supposed to be going.

I played the Summit at CalStates when one of the guys here on the forum bought one and let me play it. It was a fantastic yoyo. I like both CLYW and One Drop, but just because two great companies working together doesn’t mean taht the yoyo would be great by default. In this case, it is a great yoyo, which is what people did expect.

It’s not the best yoyo I’ve played, but I did really like it. Right speed, right weight where I want it. Feels good in the hand, looks great, plays like I expect it to. What’s not to like? It’s something I only don’t recommend because I don’t own one.

Odd how I won’t be getting one. I like it things to be single brand. I know it sounds stupid. It is. In my case, it’s just how I work.

I’m not sure if there’s a difference or not (I’m pretty sure that every Summit has been made close to identical to the one before it), but I felt that the Cal States Summits played a little lighter, if not better (in my eyes) than other ones.

You forgot “Goat Boy”

Wow. You seriously just said exactly what I’ve been trying to say for the longest time.