summit axle

i’m going to buy the summit but I wanted to buy a spare axle with it but on coubou lodges axle they don’t say which one comes with the summit so does anyone know which one comes with the summit

The Summit is a One Drop/Caribou Lodge collaboration.

It uses One Drop’s Side Effects axle system, not Caribou Lodge’s standard tapped axle system.

You won’t ever need a spare axle, but if you want to try out some of the different types of Side Effects you can buy them right here on YoYoExpert under the “Side Effects” category.

Definitely spend a minute of your time and search Google for “One Drop Side Effects”. That will get you all the information you could ever want on the subject and you’ll likely enjoy your Summit much more once you know how it’s axle system works and how you can change the weight of the yoyo with ease.

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Side effects.

Wow, nkessler. Nice sig!

As stated, you don’t need a spare axle :slight_smile:

Side Effects are what you are looking for.

I recommend picking up a set of aluminum spikes. They add a touch more weight and allow for matador tricks.

As David said though, you don’t need another axle as a back up… but it is nice to have some customization options at your disposal.

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Spikes on the Summit are amazing. Yep. I second this notion. Buy some spike side effects in whatever color suits you the most!

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