having trouble getting my suicides downn ppl say practice practice practice but i try a couple then my yoyo shoots back and smashes my elbow so then i stop any suggestions???

knifes and guns work

I found this thread very helpful:


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put your your thumb and pointer in, and swing it
but the reason it keeps coming but is because it’s too responsive, what yoyo are you using

im using the dv888 with a cleaned ceramic kk bearing its not responsive at all

Make sure you have good string tension because if it’s too tight it’ll curl up and end up binding and shooting back at you if you’re not careful. To help prevent this, make sure you’re getting a good swing and you’re moving your TH correctly to open the loop as much as possible.

It sounds to me like the slack from the loop of the yoyo is getting caught in the gap, causing the yoyo to kind of bind. Try throwing the loop around with more force and do anyting possible to keep the slack away from the gap.

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