Suicide Help

(JackG) #1

Ok. i can do suicide sometimes and the other times the yoyo (in this case and 888) shoots back at my hand. it hits it and it hurts! does anyone have any tips?


Is your bearing breaking in? I tend to hear clicking from my SPEC and if I pull it, it comes up. Make sure you throw a Trapeze, not a Backspin Mount. It spins the other way and… BAM! It happens, snags up. Throw the loop hard, but not too hard so it shoots and hits someone. (Wouldn’t want that!) I didn’t throw the loop good enouth, and it was like a bind, got caught, woooshhhh!


Sounds like the bearing or the response. Try cleaning your bearing, it might be turning responsive on you. Also check for bad string tension.

String tension:
Clean your bearing:,871.0.html


My string tention is fine, my bearing is fine too. I can do it now, but before, it happened.


Do you have a problem throwing Suicides too?

I’m guessing you have a slightly older (07 or 08) Small Bearing 888. Those yoyos are a little more responsive then we are used too (not responsive, but not unresponsive). I don’t have great advice for you, but once you get it on that yoyo, it will be much easier on any other :wink:

(JackG) #6

no it is an 09 splash large bearing


No, I don’t.


Are you throwing a Breakaway?
If you are not this will make the yoyo spin in the wrong direction for any side-style tricks, and it will make the yoyo snag when doing tricks like Suicide.


Find out if it is the bearings fault. Switch the bearing with another yoyo then try. If that’s not the problem, the problem is you. You might be feeding too much slack in the gap at times.

(JackG) #10

yes i do throw a brakaway


Hmmmmm. I can’t help you further. Watch Andre’s video.