Suicide to Green Triangle

I was working on perfecting my suicides, and accidentally managed to land one in a green triangle, which absolutely blew my mind. I had been wracking my brain on how to replicate it and with help from my girlfriend (just using her fingers and a dead yo-yo) I managed to go through the motions and figure out how it happened, and attempt to replicate it. Well I’ve been only yo-yoing for a few months so getting what I have in my head to play out with my fingers is proving difficult and I haven’t landed it again just yet. Just curious if this is an actual named trick or not and if anyone has done it (on purpose) and has any pointers to help out.


Lol this has happened to me before xD
For me it was a green triangle lasceration which was an actual trick so it wa san easy solution.

But a suicide to green triangle? Haven’t seen/heard of that before, but good luck on perfecting it, sounds like an awesome trick

If this helps in anyway, Ben Conde does a similar thing at :30

Was it a red triangle? I’m not saying that you didn’t get a gt, but I’m just wondering because I landed a suicide to red triangle.

I can see what is going on here

Benny here is just starting with a normal suicide and intercepting the string into a cross arm gt in the exact same way as in this tutorial

Just instead of doing the first part, start with a suicide and do the same thing

I hope this helped