Suggestions on a new throw

I just started throwing a few months ago and I’ve only used the shutter, I really like it I’m just looking to get something new. I’ve narrowed it down to a few and any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bi-metal superstar



Maybe a Dang 2

Horizon out of that list but I totally suggest the atlas

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I would go with horizon. The shutter and horizon are debated by many to be “the best” budget metal yoyo.


Best thing I ever learned throwing was to not be afraid of the buy sell. I have bought a few throws brand new, and while it’s rewarding to be the one to break in a throw and give it it’s first “battle scars” the savings that a used throw will provide are staggering.

I recently bought a Rebellion Acro. Great yoyo for the price, lots of fun. I then hit the classifieds and purchased 4 yoyos for the same price. FOUR! I got a OD Gauntlet, C3 Move, YYF AL Dream, and a YYF Daydream. All were in good condition with very minor scratches. And I didn’t even have to pay shipping. Even after I replaced the bearings in all of them with my bearing of choice, I still came out ahead.

That’s $170 worth of yoyo’s for the same money as one.

If you are looking for a particular expensive yoyo, check the classifieds first. If you are just looking for a new throw, check for a package deal. Either way you can’t go wrong.

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Thank you, I didn’t even think of that and I am no stranger to used purchases on a lot of things.