Returning player looking for new gear!

Hi! I stopped throwing for various reasons around 5 years ago, but recently the itch came back, and I’d like to buy a new yoyo (my Genesis is http://well worn…). I’ve been recommended the Shutter or the new metal Skyva, but they’re both at the top of my budget.
What slightly cheaper (but still metallic) alternatives would you suggest? I like bigger yoyos, since my hands are not small, and shape is not too important for me.

Thank you!

Definitely horizon if you like bigger throws. Yyf has b grade ones for 20$ rn for 4th of July sale.

I would highly recommend the horizon. It is also at the top of your budget (unless you go with Toby’s suggestion) but is super stable and slightly larger diameter than others.

I would recommend the horizon as well great yoyo