Suggestions for hand turning a Yoyo

Okay I’m taking a machine shop class and I’m hand turning a Yoyo. I’m on the design portion right now and I’m a little stuck. I was originally going to model it after the N12 shark from magic Yoyo but does anyone have other suggestions or designs they would want me to try? I really don’t have much if a clue how to design it

What material are u using?

I’m using aluminum I’m not sure if its 6061 or not

well what do you want this yoyo to feel like? fast, slow? stable? grinds?

I want something that’s stable and between fast and slow.

so you are going to want something a little more rim weighted, but not too much that it slows it down, you’re probably going to want to make it more H shaped as well.

Way I decided on an H shape today. I’m getting all the specs for the bearing seat and pads based on the N12 yoyo. Should I get silicone and fill the groove ski don’t have to make exactly the right size groove for pads?

either way works, I’d silicone it anyways, but that’s just me.

If your going for silicone then make the response groove deeper.