Making/designing a yoyo

Hi, I found someone who has a lot of experience with dealing with aluminum and machining it.

I would like someone to help me design and make a file with all the dimensions of the yoyo and bearing seat.


Schmoove rings
about 52mm Diameter
about 40mm width
IRG (Slight curve out to the rims)
Shape similar to DTI Bass Boost
Rim weight
Looonnnggg Spin times
Rounded edges(Not sharp)
Uses Slim CBC pads or other commonly used response PADS

I would really appreciate someone to just make a rough file of that, and let me just have them change it up. Thanks!!! Tell me if you need any other info Also, try to make the bearing seat as simple as possible.


How’s this for starters?
Everywhere you see gray it is weight [brass?] except the bearing, and everywhere you see blue it is anodized aluminum. I think it ended up a little bit bigger than you wanted, but you get the idea… Hope this helped. ;D

Thanks! I have something to start on now.

Hope you don’t mind if I use this rough design. I kinda like it.

Go ahead! I’ve always wanted to design something like that.