Need help. Designing a yoyo.

Like the title says, I need help. I need help getting the dimentions for a bearing seat. I’m getting it anno’d in a solid color. I need dimentions in mm’s for the outer diameter, inner diameter, and the actual thing that the bearing sits on. Any recommendations for an axle width and length would also be appreciated. I also need suggestions on a bearing supplier and maybe an axle supplier.

well it all depends on the yoyo your trying to make

Axle size - 10x24 set screw. Length really depends on your shell design and bearing size. Figure you want 1/4 inch threaded into the shell, and whatever you need for the bearing.

So let’s say a 10x24x34 in. long set screw.
A common metric size is 4mm x.7mm pitch, 16mm long (actual length to suit).

Bearing seat dimensions really depend on the bearing you pick. It’s up to you to decide the tolerances.

Bearing supplier:

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Ahhh…thanks guys. I’m designing a throw with a size C bearing. I need some bearing seat dimentions that won’t make the seat too loose so that it’ll wobble, but not too tight that it won’t fit.

Copy somebody else’s seat dimensions. Just keep in mind that the anodizing is going to add to the dimensions a bit. That is where you will need to know a bit more about the whole process. Anodizing forms a coating on the surface.

Thanks dude, you’re great.