Cup dimensions for a C sized bearing


i’m working on creating a yoyo and i’m currently in the cading stage but i was wondering what measurements i should use for the response pad and the place where the bearing sits if i was using a C sized bearing (and flowable silicone for the response).


I believe you are looking for the dimensions of a C sized bearing seat, am I right? Have you tried to measure it yourself? I strongly suggest you to figure it out by yourself as it is not that difficult. Just take some measurements on your DMII if you have a caliper. If not, you can always look for the dimension of a C sized bearing in the internet and try to figure out the dimensions of the bearing seat. And the same thing goes with the response groove, just measure it or look for the dimension of the pad size of your choice in the internet. I believe you will appreciate and learn more from the project you are working on by this way.
Good luck.


I’ve taken some preliminary measurements with calipers but i was hoping to get more exact measurements of the seat to go off of as i wont have many tries on making this yoyo


According to it is .250 x .500 x .187 (1/4" x 1/2" x 3/16").


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The post for the bearing inner race has rather critical dimensions and tolerances, depending on the material used for the yoyo. Plastics are much more forgiving than metals since the plastic can deform slightly when the bearing is pressed on. Metals, no so forgiving. If you are machining your own yoyo, do you understand the dimensional requirements between a slip fit and a press fit? It’s not a trivial issue if you plan to make a vibe-free yoyo…



then should i try and incorporate something similar to this (


Micrometers are more precise than vernier calipers that might help and make sure your tolerances are good


So should i try using a system similar to what is used in the yeti?


This would offer you a better opportunity to adjust the size if you don’t get it right the first time.


now my only problem is finding that system somewhere that isn’t the duncan variety


You may have to make them yourself.