Sudden Snapping Strings???


Erm… I was just yoyoing with my Genesis. I was using my homemade string, which lasts for an average of 2 months, and this was only around the second week. I had checked the string before I played, because I was transferring it to the Genesis, and it was perfectly fine. 3 minutes later, the string snapped clear in half, right down the center. Why?

(Jamesofyoyo) #2

Maybe your string tension was bad or maybe your Genesis cuts string. My friend had a Genesis that cut string and he got an exchange. Or maybe some threads in the string were poorly made one that one peice by the factory and snaped. I don’t know any other reasons the string would snap. Hope this helps! :wink:


Does your Genesis have a sharp ding on it?


No. And I know my string is fine. It was in my bassalope for around 2 weeks. I checked it, it was perfectly good. If it helps, I did silicone it recently, just one side.

If the Genesis snaps strings, how would you see it?

I have a inkling that it went into the gap by the bearing, but I can’t see any, yet the string looks like it did…


It could have. See if it happens again.

(stephen_cameron) #6

Were you do anything with magic knot in it? those tend to lead to breakage in strings to me. I hope its not the genesis, i just ordered one!
But what makes me think its not the yoyo is that it broke right in the middle.