Sudden Snapping Strings???

Erm… I was just yoyoing with my Genesis. I was using my homemade string, which lasts for an average of 2 months, and this was only around the second week. I had checked the string before I played, because I was transferring it to the Genesis, and it was perfectly fine. 3 minutes later, the string snapped clear in half, right down the center. Why?

Maybe your string tension was bad or maybe your Genesis cuts string. My friend had a Genesis that cut string and he got an exchange. Or maybe some threads in the string were poorly made one that one peice by the factory and snaped. I don’t know any other reasons the string would snap. Hope this helps! :wink:

Does your Genesis have a sharp ding on it?

No. And I know my string is fine. It was in my bassalope for around 2 weeks. I checked it, it was perfectly good. If it helps, I did silicone it recently, just one side.

If the Genesis snaps strings, how would you see it?

I have a inkling that it went into the gap by the bearing, but I can’t see any, yet the string looks like it did…

It could have. See if it happens again.

Were you do anything with magic knot in it? those tend to lead to breakage in strings to me. I hope its not the genesis, i just ordered one!
But what makes me think its not the yoyo is that it broke right in the middle.