DV888 string broke!!

I just got my new DV888 and within 4 throws, the string broke when I threw a breakaway. I hated the sound of my new yoyo smacking on the floor. Has anyone else had their new string that came with the yoyo break within a few throws? I quickly checked to see if the yoyo was bent or had a wobble when it slept, I am so glad that it is still like new!! :o

My Dm’s string brok whilst doing a double or nothing and was sent flying into the table!

The sond was real bad aswell


,/ (-_-) ,/

atleast not over pavement… that happened to my M1… no MAJOR vibe though.

My AXIOM string broke on gravel in school!!!

if this ever occurs to you…

Check the string, look where the string broke. Work out where on the yo-yo this would have been touching when it broke.

Check the yo-yo. It may be a grain of sand in the annodize, a small flaw or something you can rub off with your fingernail


sometimes you just get a bad string :-\

I have bought several YYF products and have never had a string break on me, but I do change string on a daily basis.

yeah! i got my DM master edition! (last one on the uk!!!) and i was in my back garden over concrete and the sting snapped! bye bye black ionized rims! cudda cried! lol

It may have just been a faulty string. Usually you will only get a string like this every 1 out of 2,000 times. To make sure my strings are good to go first I never use the string that comes with a yo yo. You don’t know what type of string it is or how long its been on that yo yo. Heck you might have gotten a cotton string with your new yo. Next I make my own strings so I test every one of them by putting a 7 pound weight on it. If it breaks or any kind of damage happens than I don’t use that string. last i never ever play with a string that i had on the day before. fallow these steps and you will never break a string again, I haven’t broken one in about a year. later.

Keep it spinning™

OK GUYS, I have one simple advice for you: When your new yoyo arrive, change your string before it breaks!!!

Happy Throwing! =]

I didnt use the string that came with it…it looked weak so I threw it away and put some purple poly on it.

YYF ship with either Slick 8 (white), Slick 6 (yellow) or Green poly 6 :slight_smile:

I got the crappy Slick 8 lol

It was the white string, I knew it felt kinda weak and flimsy. I am glad it didnt damage my 70 dollar yoyo.

i don’t use the string that comes with the yo-yo. since i don’t know what the string is, i cant trust it (learned that from my aquarius’s string getting knotted with the individuals strands…knot from hell) i use my normal yellow poly