Sudden loud noise..

I was playing with my yyj surge when mid sleep it just suddenly got louder, probably twice as loud. I stopped it, took it apart and noticed the axle was loose. No problem I just tightened it with some pliers using a cloth so I didn’t damage the threads. I spun the bearing and it didn’t spin for nearly as long as the last time I spun it with my finger, also it sounded almost like a scratchy rattling noise. I assume the bearing is raw and any lube that was in there has been mostly ran out from heavy play.

Does this sound like I just need a drop of lube? I would just try but I don’t have any so I want to know if I should buy some

It sounds like a piece of dirt or other debris got in the bearing race.

Take the bearing out and deshield it if it isn’t already and soak it in some acetone or mineral spirits for about 5 minutes. Then take it out and spin it on a pencil and blow into it as hard as you can on both sides then place it on a paper towel or napkin for a few minutes then re lube it.

It should be nice and quiet again after that!

Yes, a small drop will quiet things down and smooth out the bearing. Not too much now… :wink:

BTW, you don’t need to screw the axle in w/a pliers, just tighten the yoyo shells (hand tight).

I wanted to tighten the axle because it fell out on me once and it was pretty hard to find. I just tightened it so it doesn’t freely fall out

Yikes, might not wanna do that in the future, it can damage your yoyo. Loctite is ok though.