noisy bearing :(


I got my new yoyo over a month ago (maybe less) but when I got it I swaped the stock bearing for a KK. All fine till I said to myself lets try that other bearing. So I swap them and this bearing is good other than this loud high pitch noise coming from it :-. So when I take it out of the yoyo I shake it and it rattles rather loud. Any advise?

Thanks in advance, James.

clean the bearing and then use a tiny amount of thin lube.

here’s the vid and i do recommend cleaning it anyways.

Just a drop of thin lube should fix it. Does it effect play at all? If not, and the lube doesn’t help, it’s not that big of a problem.

nothing wrong with it i think happens to me all the time tbh

How long did you play with the KK before swapping them again? I think that the lube in the stock bearing just dried up. I’m not 100% sure about this, though. It’s happened to me a few times, though. I suggest you just apply a drop of thin lube on it, and see what happens.

After playing with this bearing for a bit I noticed its very reponsive now. I can finally do the graivty pull xD. Any way I am just about to order some thin lube and a sunset but thats not part of this. So looks like I’ll stick with the semi-responsive KK for a few days.

Clean it…dry with a air can…thinly lube…

~gorrilla_yoyo 808