Loud Rattling noise from my yoyo.

When I throw a sleeper there is a really loud rattling noise. Ive put oil on and it hasn’t changed it. ???

By the way I have a yoyojam Dark Magic

What do I do?

how long have you had your yoyo? your bearing might be worn out :frowning: but thats the way my speedmakers stock bearing sounded before i upgraded so idk

My bearing starts to make that sound from time to time as well. I am just going to lube that thing and see what happens. I don’t think your bearing is worn out I think your lube might be worn out. I don’t really care about the sound of it. And as long as there is lube inside it and it spins, it should work fine. If you already have lubed it and it still makes a sound, I have no idea what’s going on. Most people will say “a little lube will fix that”. So I think that a little lube will fix that. How much have you played with it since it got noisy? What lube and how much did you use? And did you mean lube by “oil”? I’m not sure. SO just take your time to answer those questions, they might make it easier for us.

Addment: It could be that the lube didn’t flow out to every “corner” of the bearing.

Yeah sorry,

Ive onlly had it for 3 months but i train about 2 hours a day

Also i do mean lube. Is it best to use thin or thick?

unless you want it responsive, use thin. You can use some thick and break it in nicely, but thin is much quicker.

Agreed. Thin is the best for 1a.

Also, do you leave your caps in or out? If they are in, the rattling could also be a loose cap. That happened to my old Dark Magic.

well,it could be the string rubbing against the starbursts,but I dont know if its a '‘rattling’ noise

Ok it may well be this,

Do u advise a concave bearing or a groove bearing for 1a

No. The starburst friction creates a high pitched screech. It may just be your ball bearing spinning really quickly and the balls inside doing something unknown. My Speeder does that alot. You can get a Konkave if you want. They are usually to center your string on the yoyo. If you have a hard time centering your string, you may want to get a konkave.

It is most likely the caps.

Do they spin if you try and spin them with your thumb?
Removing them all together may solve the noise.

Otherwise it is relatively normal for bearings to make a hissing noise.

Yeah, maybe it broke in.