Sudden bearing stall at high rpm


So a few bearings of mine have this weird problem of stalling suddenly when past a certain rpm. This is the most apparent when i flick the bearing with the finger, where it bursts a loud buzzing noise and immediately stops. In play this causes accidental binds when the string is loose as during a laceration or a hop.
This has happened to almost all brands of bearings, including the stock yyr ds on the triad, the stock dif kk on the izm, 1 nsk and 2 centertracs.


Some of my bearings used to do this, but I was able to fix it by cleaning.


I know this stall, but I don’t know what causes it.

At least a few times, I have not recovered even after extensive cleaning, meaning it’s probably physical damage such as galling that only becomes apparent at high RPM.

If it persists after a really good cleaning, I just chuck the bearing out.


I used to think its because the ring that holds the balls together(dunno its specific name) becomes loose and hits the walls when flung by centrifugal force, but in my dif kk theres no sign of this happening.
maybe there are more than 1 possible reason.

The derp thing is, this has happened on multiple brand new mib bearings right out of the package/on the stock yoyo. which lols at all my money spent.


Paper clean the bearings.;topic=23234.0


I’ve paper cleaned and even gone above and beyond paper cleaning… sometimes a ruined bearing is just a ruined bearing, unfortunately! But yes, you should give this technique a go before giving up on a bearing. Just swooshing around in some solvent isn’t always going to work.


Spin them at high rpm with compressed air, I’m pretty sure that’s what got rid of it for me.


The first time i tried to clean a bearing i accidentally used charcoal starter instead of lighter fluid. After realizing my error, i cleaned it with lighter fluid and played it. The new responsiveness of the yoyo resulted in a nice bruise. Annoyed, i cleaned it again and the same problem occurred before i decided to slap on a different bearing. since then, that bearing has been cleaned several more times and eventually acted exactly as you described it. I cleaned it again and I think that the charcoal starter just made the bearing extremely dirty, so much that the bearing still occasionally stalls. it seems to stall less and less often after multiple cleanings. I guess just try cleaning it several more times, you may have some tough crud on your bearing.


Another thing, (assuming you have your earnings deshielded), never put your string g on with the yoyo unscrewed. Always put the string on when the throw is screwed together. When you put the string on the bearing with the yoyo unscrewed, small strands of string can and will get into the bearing, causing it to jam and get stuck when you least expect it. I use to do that when I first started throwing and always had problems.

Good luck!