bearing problems

Hello. Lately while yoyoing my bearing would suddenly get loud and wouldn’t perform the same. I read about the problem and I was told that cleaning my bearing would fix the problem. I cleaned my bearing with lighter fluid and it worked for about an hour then the same thing happened. Thinking the bearing was the problem I bought a new one specificaly a terrapin x bearing that isn’t supposed to be cleaned or lubed. After a few hours the same thing happened to that bearing. What should I do?
Note: this has not only happened to two bearings, it has happened to a yyj beararing, a spec bearing, and an abec 7 bearing

What yoyo do you have and how long have you had it? It sounds like there’s something in the bearing seat. If it’s destroying bearings, there’s something massively wrong with the yoyo. Now, I could be wrong about the bearing seat, but it’s definitely the yoyo.

Have you siliconed your yoyo yourself or had it done or was it done before you got it?

I’m guessing that it’s something in the bearing seat or else the yoyo took a massive beating recently and has other damage which is affecting the bearings.

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I have a new breed about a year and a half old, and a yyf whip a couple of months old that I switch the bearings between. I did recently silicone my new breed, but it was happening before I did that.

Well, I’m confused. Hopefully someone else can step in with more knowledge. I’m afraid this is outside what I currently know at the moment.

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Blow the bearing clean with canned air, or use the paper method.

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I bought a Terrapin X bearing and the same thing happened. The Bearing started to act different so I cleaned it. After cleaning it would barley spin at all. Luckily I put some lube on it and it works just as good as when I bought it.
Just put some Thin Lube on it, that fixed mine.

Theres a reason John says NOT to clean Terrapin X bearings.

Yup. His bearings ship ready to be installed. No cleaning needed, no lube needed, no break-in period needed.

Anyone having a problem with a Terrapin X bearing please PM me. I will fix or replace it.

My only problem with Terrapin X bearings is I need some more money so I can get more!

However, based on the OP, it seems the yoyo itself has something wrong with it if it’s causing bearings to get messed up like that.

I don’t think the bearing is the problem. It is most likely the yoyo. The time that I was able to use the bearing in its full capacity, was incredibly enjoyable!

I might be wrong, but has anyone considered the possibility that the bearings a re just breaking in? Keep playing the yoyo the bearings will calm down eventually, doing gyro flops really helps speed up the process.
If your bearings continue to be loud and obnoxious after a few days the problem lies within he yoyo, not the bearing (Dunhh, Dunhh, Duuuuunh).

Very true. :-[ :-[