Substitute for Thick Lube?

Anybody know a good substitute for thick lube?
My first yoyo was a YYF One kit. It came with a slim bearing for responsive play and now i just use it occasionally and pretend i’m ed haponik.

Peanut butter. Shoval about 2 Table spoons in there and you’ll be good to go.

Actually don’t do that. :smiley:

Nah i tried that already. Nutella worked better though. still i’m looking for something i might already have somewhere in the house

sewing machine lube works really well, or you can leave the bearing out in the rain and let it rust till it meets your desires. dw40 works great too if you soak it in that for about three years.

3-in-1 oil works just fine. Or go to the hardware store and get some Super Lube Synthetic Oil. It’s the same as Yomega Brain Lube. (They repackage it for Yomega.)

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