alternative THICK lube..

aside from thick lube. (i have 2 raiders)

what other liquids you can put on your 2A yoyo’s to make it more responsive?

and another question…

is it ok to clean 2A yoyo bearing in lighter fluid or paint thinner?

duncan lube and yomega lube

I love Yomega Lube it’s the best and lasts forEVER!


You can clean 2a bearings but I wouldn’t. It would make the yo-yo unresponsive.

so now how will you make your 2A yoyo bearings clean?
not after it will be unresponsive?.

You could try mixing water with some vaseline very well, and take what you got. Or mix lube with vaseline.

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You could also try WD-40 ( as an alternative for thick lube if you cant find some yoyo lubes

Its as thick as thick lube and will have the same result
you could find in in hardware stores or maybe some grocery stores

NOOO!!! WD40 is only for clearing rust when your bearing is seriously dying, but don’t use it for lube! It will ruin ur bearing!

You can use lots of oils, like trumpet valve oil, 3 in 1 oil, sewing machine oil etc. Just search on the internet. Don’t use wd40. Not trying to be rude kenz, sorry if i sound a bit rude  :-[

yeah thats ok,
but I dont know about the wd-40 being bad, I used it in making my bearing responsive
but maybe its bad but it does not harm me yet (lol)
so go follow rsmods123 method not mine

WD-40 has been known to mess up some bearings and is not recommended to use.

There’s a lot of substitutes for thick lube. You have yomega lube and duncan lube. In addition to the you can use a lot of oils. 3in1 oil is used a lot. A lot of people also use vaseline, but I don’t think that it’s a good idea to mix it with water. A lot of people melt it, but I have heard that you can just leave your bearing in the jar overnight or just cake the bearing with vaseline.

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