Shot bearings.


Ok so I have a:
-PGM v.2 bearing
-Energy bearing (desheilded)
-YYJ stock (desheilded)

I have never cleaned these bearings, and I got all of these for christmas.
THey randomly got shot.

The thing I usually do is spray it with WD-40, then clean, then lube it.
It works, to get the bearings un-shot.

I haven’t done that to these yet, and I was wondering if there is a more efficient way of doing this.


You are going to get yelled at for using WD40. I’m doing a looong test with it as a lube and cleaner. We’ll see how it goes.

you may just have some gunk in them. Maybe a hair? Maybe small fibers of string? give them a good cleaning and see what happens.


Well I desheilded them, blew them out with a bike pump w/ needle, and did the cleaning crap.
Yeah, I expected to be yelled at for WD-40.

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Ok so I referbished the YYJ stock, but the energy and the PGM bearing are still shot. I lubed, then cleaned, then lubed. THey are still shot. No reason…

Anybody got any advice?

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DON’T USE WD40!!! >:( (Just kidding geez. :P) (Lol!)

But yeah, I don’t know why people say WD40 is’nt good. They say it will eat and end up destroying the bearing but that might just be all hype. I used it once but I think I traded the yoyo with the bearing. But for the 2 days I used it and it seemed fine. But still, I recomend going to Home Depot and spending about $5 on some paint thinner or whatever. For like $5 you get like a gallon that will last you for life. I use paint thinner and it works great. Try this and hopefully it will work. :wink:

                                                                                    James Reed!


I have paint thinner. I was wondering how to get bearings well… Un-shot. I WD-40 it, then clean the bearing, then lube it. The cleaning takes away the WD-40, Its just the WD-40 makes all my bearings spin properly, it just makes them responsive.

SO, any suggestions?


well any sort of lube in the bearing will slow the speed of it down and make in responsive.

thin lube is the best to use, just like 1 drop. your yoyo will have some response to it untill you break the thin lube in then you should be ok


Use the thinner. Then spin all off it out. Like instantly, put it on a pencil and spin.


I didn’t make this thread to be about restoring bearings. Or did I?


approximately 2 years ago almost all bearings came packed full of grease. There was public demand for yo-yos to come with clean bearings, which most manufacturers do now. The downside obviously being this increases the chance of bearing failure.

A couple of things to know

Bearings don’t last forever
Bearings work best with some lubricant in them. This definitely prolongs the bearing life
Impacts can kill bearings
Extreme changes in climate is bad for bearings

and finally

WD-40 contains chemicals which weaken some plastic. AVOID USING IT IN BEARINGS THAT GO IN PLASTIC YO-YOS. Even residue in the bearing may escape and get on the plastic.


nothing about it hurting the bearing or do you disagree with kyle too?


not my area of expertise. I try to avoid making recommendations about stuff I dont know :smiley:


well if you don’t have anything like lighter fluid(anykind works), just blow into them to get out junk, and lube (spin on tip of a pencil), resheild, play

Blowing into them is only a substitute, the lighter fluid or mineral spirit works about 3x better