Twisted Trifecta bearing gone responsive...


I was yo’in and on that throw… oh that throw… I could tell somethig was wrong before it even hit bottom but alas it was already out of my hand. Down it rolled until it hit bottom and yes it was LOUD! So lound my father looked at me in shock gasp. so he sprayed wd-40 on it. Now it’s responsive. do I clean it? play it? What’s the best way to clean it?(it’s new and was fairly pricey)


Clean it.

Wd-40 is a lube, not a cleaner. Wd-40 will slow the bearing down… Clean the bearing, it will work fine.


Shake it around in some paint thinner, it’s one of the best ways to clean a bearing.


should I de-sheild it first? Oh and anyone know how to take off a backwards DM II cap… (yeah that was an accident) XP


To take off a backwards dm2 cap you have to put hot glue on it then pull the glue with pliers.
I made that mistake too, it made the cap loose and it looks ugly :frowning:


lol WD-40.


Well it made it quiet like I wanted just… responsive :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you want the bearing quite and unresponsive:

  1. Deshield and clean the bearing.
  2. Leave the shields off and apply just a very small ammount of lube.
  3. Spin the bearing and play it for a bit.
  4. If the bearing is still to noisy for you, add a bit more lube.
  5. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 until the yoyo is as silent as you like.
  6. Replace the shields if you prefer.

Some yoyo’s “hum” , for a better word, so it’s possible that if you make the bearing completely silent the yoyo will play responsive. As you increase the ammount of lube, you increase the responsiveness.


I am sure by know you have cleaned your bearing but I would recommend acetone to clean your bearings in the future. I don’t know how true it is but I read somewhere that mineral spirits leaves a residue? That’s what I used for a whilea but the guy from terrapin recommended acetone so I started using that and it works great, plus it dries a lot faster than mineral spirits! No matter what lube you use don’t over lube, I always use a sewing needle to apply. Just dip the sewing needle in a drop of lube and touch it to a few of the balls in the bearing and then spin the bearing to work it in. Just another suggestion. Good Luck!


I also had this same problem with a trifecta bearing where it would suddenly make that loud noise, even before I had put it in it must have been messed up because from the very first throw it was making that loud noise and was responsive so I contacted YYE and they told me it needed to be broken in, so I kept throwing it and throwing it not even doing any tricks or anything besides up and down and it never got unresponsive so I just told YYE and they sent me a new one and I sent them the old one.


ok thanks for the reply but it just needed a good cleaning ;D :wink:


Have you ever tried the terrapin dry lube stuff? Wow it works great and it simply 5$ shipped off eBay. I didn’t expect it to be so good. Anyways glad to hear your bearing is working now :slight_smile: and I use acetone to clean my bearings as well


Cool I’ll keep it in mind


I set up a pair of Trifectas to send to someone for SER. One was sent in my Burnside, which was sent for him to compete with(used to be his). He ain’t sending the bearings back! But, that’s OK. He’s going to send me 2 replacement Trifecta bearings for those, in addition to the 4 he sold me, and he’s gonna send like 10 other bearings for em to treat.

I only use liquid lube in my modified shape yoyos these days.


You must have like a million yo-yos for alll those bearings!LOL