no vibe????

this is the weirdest thing ever… so my new mini star(witch I love) started to make a very loud noise and would be responsive the same problem occurred with my protostar and I had my dad lube it with Wd-40 (a bearing lube) and now the yoyo makes no noise and has no vibe. But it dosent seem to be spinning fast at all… It just feels weird… Is this normal or do I just need to play with the lube on the yoyo for a bit.

dont ever use wd-40 use lighter fluid or paint thinner. lighter fluid is what i use.

was that a big mistake??? did I destroy my yo yo???

Simple Beginners mistake.

When you clean your bearing, try to use lighter fluid or paint thinner.

Use it in well vetilated areas.

There is a topic stickied about this in the Modifications section.

yes I know I am just worried I ruined my 90 dollar yoyo!!!

no your yo is fine. take the bearing out and clean it. a scratching/retarded noise should be there for a little bit, maybe 3 mins and it should go away. the bearing should spin smoothly and for an awesomely large amount of time after.

well the yoyo is 90 but the bearing is like 10. it can be re lubed and your yoyo is not ruined. If worst comes to worst you might need a new bearing.

well wd-40 is flamable so using liter fluid right after is ok???

as long as you don’t light your bearing on fire… ya u should be fine.


I feel stupid…

hahaha np. i messed up like this one time to. i ran the bearing under water =’( you learn from your mistakes.

Yup. It’s logic, right? Soap=clean?

I used to shake 'em up in water with dish soap. Whoopsiedoodles. So that’s why all my yoyos lost some spin!

To me, soap and water was always used to wash something.
Cleaning is a task for a certain type of chemical.

I used to just play with my yoyos and lube them occasionally…

Cool, I still do. :slight_smile:

Never underestimate the power of YYJ Thin Lube. You don’t need Mineral Spirits, or Lighter Fluid, you just need Thin Lube and a little patience.

wd-40 is fine if you are cleaning it. Just make sure you dry and lube it afterwards.

cool thanks guys… gonna have my dad buy some lighter fluid and later this week I will order lube and string

Mineral Spirits- that is my dads paint thinner.

that one ok to use???


alright just now put it on…

yes that tiny bit of vibe and noise!!!

but it is still kinda responcive…

just need to break the lube in???

Yes. Throw that thing for a few hours and then you’ll have the perfect bearing.