Unresponsive play problems!

So lately I have been throwing my legacy a lot because it WAS my only completely unresponsive Yoyo next to my grind machine that I don’t tend to use so much because it never spins long enough, but back to the point my Legacy started to make a lot of noise. So my being my dumb self I took WD-40 and put some on the bearing. Then it was quiet again. BUT it was completely RESPONSIVE! I could just give it a slight tug and it would come right back to my hand with no bind at all. >:( So then I put water on it and it made it worse so I turned on the compressor and blew all of the stuff inside of the bearing out. And now it is still slightly responsive. Any idea on how to make completely unresponsive? Also i got the same idea going with my Dark Magic. Ever since I had it, it has been responsive! I hate it! Anybody know how I can make my Legacy and Dark Magic completely unresponsive? ??? Thanks for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate it.

Try cleaning the bearing.
you can find how to in the maintenence section on this forum.

and bearing would be noisy in time, it’s normal.

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O.K. I might have the time to correct you:

  1. NEVER use WD-40 on your bearings
  2. NEVER contact your bearing with water

And that’s exactly what you did. But clean your bearing (you can find how in other threads) and buy YYJ ThinLube or sewing machine oil will do.

So you put a drop of lube on a sewing needle and dip the needle on the bearing, causing the TINY drop of lube on the needle to go on the balls of the bearing.

You need to play your yoyo 1-3 weeks to make it fully unresponsive when lubed.

google would have been your friend beforehand, that’s how I figured out WD40 is not good for yoyo bearings (even tho EVERYONE around me were telling me it was, so sometimes EVERYONE can be wrong)

If I recall right, WD40 has some water and lube in it, you don’t want water because of the rust (unless it’s a stainless steel bearing such as one drop 10 balls), and you don’t want lube because it makes it responsive.

so if there’s a lesson to learn here it’s: don’t assume you know, always make sure you do it right before you start anything.

in that case, a few seconds google search would have saved you from buying a new bearing online, waiting for the mail etc… (I guess you could try and get back your current ones tho)

Once again…

WD40 will not harm your bearings. It doesn’t contain water. It is a Water Displacer. Hence the name WD40.

“WD-40 Lubricates, Cleans, Protects, Penetrates & Displaces Moisture”

Take some time to go to the proper sources for your information.

Let’s lay this myth to rest.

buy some YYJ thin lube.

I’ll one better you Jhb. I have a bearing that I’ve been testing at least for 3 years. Kyo told a lot of people that it’s bad for bearings but it’s not. Mine is still an excellent bearing. Problem is you need to really take care of it when you use wd40. It does displace water perfectly BUT is does evaporate almost clean with no residue. This means that humidity can sneak in it and ruin it easily. Places with high humidity I do not suggest it’s use. Low humidity and adding more wd40 once every two weeks will work fine though. My current one in a kickside has about a 4 minute spin or so. I generally use thin lube though.

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Thanks everyone for the help!

i have bin havin a problem with my duncan metal drifter ever since i took off my friction stickers… i dont have a very long sleep time. how can i fix it???

You need some sort of response system in there to grip the string and allow it to make the yo-yo spin. The Duncan silicone stickers or Dif pads both play very nicely in the Drifter.


thanx ill probably do that… i really appreciate it!!!

isn’t lighter fluid (well the home equivalent) much cheaper than WD40 anyway ? I know I had 1 liter for like $3

Yeah I’ve used lighter fluid to clean my bearings for a long time. Not to lube them though.

nah, it would be like using a spoon to cut bread, only less efficient.

I use onedrop lube which works great, many people use YYJ thin lube or other, various lube (trumpet etc…)

good thing for unresponsive play -> KK

WHOA WHOA WHOA!! Hold the phone!!! I can use trumpet lube to put on my bearing for unresponsive play? Because my Lil’ sis’ plays the trumpet and I know she has some trumpet lube.

You can, but lube it correctly.

best for unresponsive play is dry

if you have to lube it, one tiny drop, no more

You put a drop of lube on a needle or pin tip. There should very little lube on the needle. Apply the drop of lube on the needle/pintip to one of the balls of the bearing. Spin it a few times to get it around and plug 'n play.

Running one dry can make the bearing freeze up and/or wear out faster than a lubed one.

Also, a correctly lubed bearing, after breaking in, can be as unresponsive as a dry one.

I couldn’t tell, I don’t play dry, I hate the noise :smiley: