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(system) #1

What Other Liquids Can Make Your Yo-Yo Unresponsive?
(A Liquid That Can Only Make Your Yo-Yo Unresponse, Not To Damage Or Rust, And Also Alternative…That You Can Buy It Anywhere, And Also Cheap.=))

(Yin) #2

Acetone, lighter fluid, mineral Spirits, and compressed air (spins the bearing at a very fast rate)…

Honestly though dude. just wear that sucker down. You realize after playing unresponsive. If you compete you’ll want to go back to responsive…

I love playing semi-Tug responsive. Although some pros when I let them use my yo-yos hate it…JD have to widen the crap outta my gap last time I let him use my hitman.

It’s really fun just playing responsive though. I suggest doing it for a while. Learn from Spencer Berry and Andre.

It’s Possible.



Up there was a very brilliant post :smiley:

But a few tips, don’t clean your bearing with WD40, or anything with water. (not really few tips)

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cant you use trumpet valve oil? you can get it at a a music store.


Yeah you can! That is a thin lube, not for cleaning the bearing though. So, it isn’t gonna make your yoyo any more unresponsive than it already is, but cake your bearing with even more lubes, making it more responsive.

If you want thin lube, I highly suggest yyj thin lube though, because its viscosity is low to the point of no return. Just break into your bearing.